Flood damage in Vermont. But is open for business!

A Vermonter friend posted this video on Facebook. I commented:

I’ve spent a lot of time in Vermont. Vermonters are hardy and resilient but dear God… Reminds me of the Northridge quake when I lived in L.A. It took a while, but L.A. did recover. Vermont will too.

She replied (emphasis added):

You are right. We will recover. But this is a state totally dependant on folks coming here from outside as there are not enough of us to support the infrastructure we have built to accommodate the tourist trade. With the bad press we are likely to lose a lot of tourist trade this foliage season and that could make for a very long, cold winter. Tell all your friends… Vermont is OK and open for business! Come if you planned to already and consider it if you are thinking about going away to anywhere. We need the business:-)!

So get thee to Vermont soon and enjoy the upcoming leaf-peeping season as well as the skiing this winter!


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