Hank 3 releases 4 albums at once

They are a country 2 LP, doom/stoner-rock, and speed metal mixed with cattle calls! One song is about how that bitch stole my cocaine. He may be crazier than his father and grandfather. I mean that as a genuinely sincere compliment.

The unprecedented release date of four separate and multi-genre albums by Hank3. To support the new material which consists of Country, Doom/Stoner-Rock and Speed Metal, Hank and the guys’ will begin a 24 date tour tonight in Atlanta Georgia. Each night of the tour will consist of approximately two-and-a-half to three-hour sets, beginning with with a Country set, then morphing into the more rowdy Hellbilly sound, and finishing off with the Doom/Stoner-Rock tunes of Attention Deficit Domination.

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