Nanny state gone insane. Children to be taken from parents because too fat

This is deranged. Social services in the UK may take four children from their parents because they are too fat and the parents have failed to keep their weight down.

The couple, married for 20 years and who have seven children, were told last week their four younger offspring may now be “fostered without contact” or adopted.

That’s just flat nasty, vicious, and vindictive. No word from the mental cretins at social services – who are allegedly supposed to help children – on what a forced separation from their parent’s will do to the children’s mental health.

This is just sick. Everyone responsible for this obscenity should be sacked.

And yes, the US has severe incipient nanny state tendencies too.

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  1. I don’t like the term nanny state, it’s as if we should not have any institutions which are set up to help people. Conservatives use the term nanny state, to try to destroy anything that hints at social institutions funded by tax payers to help the less fortunate. What is happening in this case is more fascist, and should be seen as that and labelled as such, getting rid of those who don’t conform to their standard of normality.

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