Texas fires

I lived in southern California for many years and experienced some hellacious wildfires. But as bad as they were, they pale before what Texas is going through now. The fire near Austin destroyed 300 homes in one day. You’d had to go back to 1961 and the apocalyptic Bel-Air fire to find worse damage than that.

But there are sixty fires in Texas now, not just one, and no end to the drought that anyone can predict. That means no end to the fires.


  1. Not true – California lost 1500 homes in 2007 – mostly in San Diego.

    • Good point, we’d moved away from SoCal by then and I forgot about those fires. Still, I think 300 in one day is still some kind of horrific record. And that fire is zero percent contained now.

  2. The temperature in Austin Texas has topped 100 degrees Fahrenheit eighty times this year, an all-time record.

    I once again propose a wager for the climate change deniers: if I am wrong, I don’t lose a bloody damned thing. If you climate change deniers are wrong, we lose the only planet we are capable of living on and all of our grandchildren die. Who want’s to take that bet?

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