Fed and banksters may become enemies

Zero Hedge

Bernanke will be in MAJOR political trouble and very likely LEGAL trouble in short order.

I warned earlier that this would be the case as soon as Lloyd Blankfein hired a defense attorney. Do you really think a Wall Street CEO is going to go to jail when he can roll back everything onto the Fed (just as Ken Lewis did)? All Blankfein or any other future Wall Street CEO recipient of a major lawsuit (and there will be much more) has to argue is that the Fed forced them to make an illegal move to save the financial system and the attention turns to the Fed, specifically Bernanke.

Forced, I tell you, forced. Heh, Obama may be forced to become a populist in spite of himself if he wants to get re-elected. And the best way to do that is to indict the banksters on criminal charges (even though they helped elect him.)

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