Polizeros podcast. Renewable energy problems, too much war

This show ranged all over! Topics included:

Solyndra bankruptcy. It will lead to loan guarantees and tax credits for renewable energy being cut and this could well disrupt plans for new grid-scale solar and wind projects. But $537 million got burned through in a year. Republicans want an investigation. As should we all.

The brouhaha over Obama’s jobs speech. Does the chattering political class realize how inane their faux disagreement sounds? Keith, who lives in DC, wondered briefly if he was the crazy one, listening to them apparently sanely discussing such idiocy and whether the US should have more wars. No, he’s not the crazy one, we reassured him.

Think tanks don’t question deeply because their funding and thus their jobs is dependent on corporate funding as well as access to and patronage from whomever is in power. Ditto for mainstream media. If they ask really tough questions they lose their press pass and access.

Counterinsurgency (COIN) should be done before it’s needed, not when the insurgents are shooting at you. But we’ve militarized COIN, and this hurts us badly.

Rather than trillions for war, with accompanying huge waste and corruptions, that money could have rebuilt our electrical grid and provided us with a fast, stable internet. We need to focus on this country first and not on empire building abroad, as much as Dick Cheney would like to continue bankrupting the country so we can slaugher more people and make more enemies.

Texas community college teaches new students that Columbus wasn’t the first European here. Shouldn’t this have been taught in fifth grade?

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