Now don’t go getting hysterical about climate climate

A block of ice four times the size of Manhattan has split off from a Greenland glacier and melted–an event so dramatic that it’s shocked the scientists who study the area.

I’m sure all of this is due to completely normal fluctuations in temperature and climate and has nothing, I repeat nothing, to do with climate change, so all you whiny eco-terrorists just shut up, ok?

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  1. Sun spots. Solar flares. Cosmic winds. Yeah, thats the ticket – cosmic winds.

    A month or so ago I posted an updated version of Pascal’s Wager over at my place, Pascal of course being the famous sixteenth century scientist, math master and ardent “atheist” who was challenged by some braindead jew/christian/muslim “priest” that he would convert on his deathbed. Simply put, if I am wrong about climate change I don’t lose a damned thing. If the climate change deniers are wrong, however, we lose the only world we know of that will support our species, the human species, and all of our grandchildren die. Who want’s to take that bet?

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