Polizeros podcast tonight. All the wars, renewable energy funding

Solyndra bankruptcy threatens federal loan guarantees for renewable energy in general.

All the wars. The killings and the waste

  • Iraqi children in U.S. raid shot in head, U.N. says
  • Fraud and waste in Iraq and Afghan wars are stunning
  • 67 dead in Afghanistan in August
  • Dick Cheney’s deranged ramblings

Listen to the show live, at Polizeros Radio on BlogTalkRadio. You can also listening by dialing in at 626-414-3492. The show is tonight at 8:00 PM PT (9:00 PM MT, 10:00 PM CT, 11:00 PM ET.) You can download it or listen to the archive on BlogTalkRadio after it’s done.

With Steve Hynd , Keith Boyea, and myself.

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