Cracks in Libya National Transitional Council

Misrata rebels (rather sensibly) are protesting a decision by the NTC to install a Gaddafi loyalist as head of security in Tripoli, saying if it happens, they will refuse to obey the NTC.

My take: civil war is coming to Libya. The NTC isn’t a real coalition, and the stress fractures are already showing. The clueless triumphalists who proclaimed victory in Libya even as fighting continued in Tripoli are akin to George “Mission Accomplished” Bush on that aircraft carrier.

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  1. There is every chance that civil war has already started, as I have always predicted it would. Every “loyalist” killed by the “rebels” has a family, Libya has tribal groupings, they will not take kindly to having their loved ones killed by those of another tribe or family. Gaddaffi was mainly a secularist and the “rebels” are mainly religious, and the religious groups are split from the very moderate to the fundamentalists. We backed a real pack of unknown little groups. However, we can now control the oil.

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