James Kunstler, ‘Katrina in Vermont’

I’ve spent considerable time in Vermont. Covered bridges are iconic and treasured there.

Vermont and upstate NY got clobbered by Irene, Windham NY is devastated.

There will be a lot of pissed-off people in the Northeast USA. Maybe they’ll even start giving the grievance-bloated folk of Dixieland some competition in the politics of the bitter harvest.

Kunstler often makes important political points but his obvious and bizarre class bias against Southerners mars his writing. Apparently he thinks those icky southerners shouldn’t have grievances but it’s ok if northerners do, or something like that. The truth, of course, is that many of the grievances of southern whites are quite justified. Ans they are potential allies.

But his central point is quite valid.

My guess is that the political rage [in leftie Vermont and right-wing New Hampshire] will be about equal on both fronts, as folks are left stranded, or homeless, or without a going business they thought they had only a day or so ago. And my further guess is that their mood will afford some insight into the extreme impotence, incompetence, and mendacity of both major political parties. As I’ve said before in this space, think of these times as not unlike the convulsive 1850s, preceding the worst crisis of our history.

Our federal government is increasing useless, focused on enriching the already wealthy elites, as basic services hollow out. The anger is spreading and will find an outlet, of this I’ve no doubt. If liberals continue to back big government regardless, they will be on the wrong side of what happens.

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