Department of Completely Obvious Outcomes

A shortage of Mexican laborers threatens Arizona farming. The border and immigration crackdowns have led to a dearth of skilled farm workers. How could anyone have foreseen such an unintended consequence???

American workers aren’t stepping in to fill the void, even at a time when nearly 14 million people across the country are unemployed. That’s because native-born Americans are generations removed from harvesting fields and tend to have higher educational levels.

Simply put, they aren’t willing to pick crops.

If this trend continues, farm production will simply move to another country, says Phoenix New Times, in their excellent, in-depth article.


  1. “Simply put, they aren’t willing to pick crops…” because “Americans” are lazy braindead suck at the government teat credit card candy-asses hypnotized by a Kool-Aid Kocktail of Ambien, Prosac, Viagra and crotch-shots on RNN/Faux News and have for the most part never worked a day in their lives. Take your pick, either demanding the world handed to them on a crystal platter or facilitating the blood-bath that will bring the spectral entity with whom they’ve entered into a “special” contract floating down out of the heavens on a white horse with a thousand angels to carry them away, these animals do not have the best interests of my grandchildren at heart and are very likely to soon discover the difference between pray, and prey.

  2. Huh.. Who could have seen THAT coming? Wow.

    In other news, the sun is REALLY hot!

    Well… Maybe when this puts a big enough dent in their economy, they’ll realize what a bad idea it was to go guns-a-blazing after “illegals” and stopping them from coming to their state. They made their bed. I’m not at all going to feel sorry for them when they have to lay in it.

  3. Mean while, this farmer is trying to hire another ranch hand, with no luck so far. We prefer those that speak English, because, well, no habla Espanol, but we sure have a hard time finding people to milk goats and shovel stalls! And this in a state that’s been accused of being a sanctuary for illegals…

    • And therein lies the problem.

      I worked in the West Texas oil fields once roustabouting with a crew that was almost entirely Mexican and had mislaid their green cards. It’s surprising how much you can get accomplished even if there’s a language barrier, especially in jobs like that, so maybe it could work with milking and shoveling too.

      • Anyone can wield a shovel, but milking requires specific sanitation and processing techniques which, as we found with two unrelated employees who we fired, if not followed can put our business at risk. Common language is essential for proper training.

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