Polizeros podcast. Libya, Bank of America, fracking and earthquakes

Topics last night included:

Triumphalist liberals proclaim mission accomplished in Libya even as battles still continue in Tripoli and the National Transitional Council draws up a constitution for a strict Islamist state under sharia law. And then there’s the problem of 1000x more loose weapons than under Saddam. Libya is nowhere near being stable much less having a functioning government.

Bank of America teeters badly as Warren Buffett loans them $5 billion at steep rates when they could have borrowed elsewhere much cheaper. They choose his loan because it implies his support. But BofA has $100-200 billion of toxic slop on their books, so $5 billion is just chump change. The Obama Administration changed the accounting rules for big banks so they don’t have to mark-to-market. Until this deception is stopped, the pretend-and-extend charade will continue – until it no longer can.

Fracking has been decisively linked to earthquakes in many areas. When it was banned, earthquakes decreased. Imagine that. There’s been quite a lot of fracking in Virginia. The earthquake was no coincidence.

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With Steve Hynd , Keith Boyea, and myself.

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