1. The so called rebels seem to be a very fundamentalist group. There has been talk of them clearing some of the towns of black Libyans, those that settled there after the slave trade that went through that area. Also what is never mentioned is that fact that Gaddaffi spent a lot of the oil revenue on free education, free health care and bring clean water to all the towns and villages. I wonder where the oil revenue will go after he’s gone? When you here them make comments like “I have a bullet here for Gaddaffi, and I can’t wait to use it on him” doesn’t sound much like a democrat to me. I believe that Libya will end up in chaos like Iraq with the people suffering but the oil will be secure in Western hands, just like Iraq. It wasn’t the people that will have over thrown him, it will have been some of the most powerful military nations in the world, and if you believe they done it all for the benfit of the Libyan people then you’ll believe anything. Every uprising is not a move to democracy as history has told us.

  2. Ugh… I hate when people get things so right, then so wrong. 🙁

    The comment at the end says turning off your phone before connecting it is “safe”. That’s simply not true for most smart phones, as the can expose data even when powered off. When you plug them in, they power up enough of the sub-system to charge the battery. They can also power up enough to do data transfer. Most devices even power themselves on automatically when plugged in, to allow the software to monitor and control charging. (Why make a separate smart charging hardware system when a simple dumb one and a background app can do the same for less?)

    The real solution here is to use a charging-only cable. Want one on the cheep? Buy one from the dollar store and use a knife to extract/remove the two middle prongs on the large USB connector. (Or, splice open the cable and cut the yellow/green data lines so they don’t transmit.)

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