Democrats attack lefties. Ron Paul. Polizeros podcast

We had another wide-ranging, fun podcast last night (and the echo sound problem is gone.)

Among the topics:

We pondered why high-level Obama campaign staffers are attacking the “firebagger liberal blogosphere” while the California Democratic Party purges their progressive caucus for daring to suggest there be a primary challenge to Obama. How very Stalinist of the California Democrats. And self-defeating, especially considering the progressive caucus is their biggest caucus. But that never stopped the Left from having circular firing squads. The Right no doubt has them too, but generally behind closed doors.

While these attacks against the Left do at least show that establishment Democrats are indeed paying attention to us, the problem comes when progressives conflate being on the left with the Democratic Party and assume they must work within the party to achieve change. Good luck with that. By the time they attain a position of real power in the Democratic Party, the inevitable compromises, corruption disguised as contributions, and lack of any real progressive platform within the party will have rendered them harmless and compliant. The Democratic Party cannot be reformed. The rot is too deep. That’s why starting a third-party is a better way, even if it take years to gain a presidency.

Ron Paul isn’t telegenic and doesn’t have that charisma thing, but he is a genuine frontrunner do, even as the mainstream media studiously ignores him. Well, he’s opposed the wars since they started and thinks the Fed as it exists now is evil. That makes him genuinely dangerous to the banksters, which might account for the media blackout, so instead he gets labelled as a crank.

This and more. Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio or on iTunes.

With Steve Hynd of Newshoggers, Keith Boyea, and myself.

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