Sob, sob, if only Obama would morph into Liberalman.

A NY Times editorial wrings their hands at the awfulness of the debt deal then dreams the impossible dream.

The truth about taxes

The only glimmer of hope is that the battle is not completely over — if President Obama is finally willing to fight.

Earth to NY Times, Obama hasn’t shown the slightest interest in ever doing that, has he? Why liberals persist in the illusion that he one day simply shows, well, how clueless they are.

Not that many of them would be there if there ever was a real fight.

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  1. I’m a liberal and viewed Obama as a centrist before the election. I never expected him to be otherwise but hoped because of his speeches. I wanted and voted for someone more liberal than him but didn’t get that. So, I had a choice, a centrist or a neocon for president. I choose the lesser of two evils.

    I no longer hope for Obama as he has shown himself to actually be right of center. He fights for what he hopes is possible then gives in when he can’t get that.

    Well, I was wrong. Clinton was a centrist more than Obama and gave away the farm in terms of regulations too. Of course, you can complain about some of Carter’s policies too from a financial perspective.

    Either way, liberals, those people who actually founded America and turned it into a truly great society, are not in power and we all see what that has brought America: ruin.

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