Polygamist leader heads to prison

Warren Jeffs, 55, will serve at least 45 years in Texas prison and has charges pending against him in other states as well.

“They gonna put him so far back, they’ll have to pump in sunlight,” is one saying I heard when living in Texas. Another is, “he needed killing,” which certainly applies to imprisoning child rapists for the remainder of their lives too.

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  1. When, twenty years ago, my daughter was molested by one of her mother’s tweaker boyfriends he got himself a slick enough lawyer to cast a reasonable doubt on my eight year old daughter’s testimony. Did you know you could smash the headlights out of a 1971 Chevy pickup with a human forehead?

    Needless to say, we both left town. My daughter left with me.

    If I ever see him again, I’ll do it again.

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