Tottenham calling

I’m out the door now but wanted to get this possted, both from Lenin’s Tomb. More later

Tottenham is ablaze. Not for the first time in its history. Not for the first time over police violence and killing either. But nor is this is the first major riot since the Tories took office. It may well be the first to make a serious impact on national politics, but remember the riots in Bristol and Lewisham. The party of order expected this. That is why the police handling of protests has been so provocative and brutal. That is why ‘exemplary’ sentences have been handed out for minor protest offenses, with even Murdoch’s pie-man being given a custodial sentence. The intention has been to show that the party of order can keep control throughout the coming battles. I hope, with every fibre in my being, that they cannot.

The police started the riots.

BBC video: Lenin’s Tomb “Riot sparked after police beat 16 year old girl protester seeking answers after police murder young Black father of three in public.”

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