Stock market responds to debt plan from Dimbulbs in DC

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It’s increasingly clear, isn’t it, that our supposed leaders in DC are incompetent, craven, and compromised. The debt deal, which they did with as much drama and little intelligence as possible, is just more evasion and kicking the can down the road. But no one is buying their pretend and extend game any more. In a time when we need real and actual leaders, instead we have pathetic poodles. We need a change. Now.

Italy is imploding too, with apparent runs on their banks. This after Berlusconi was able to tear himself away from teenage hookers long enough to tell the nation everything was fine, just fine. No one believes or trusts him either. (That last link is from Zero Hedge, which has melted down under the onslaught of today’s trading. So, the link may be dead for a bit. Their RSS feed works though)