High drama at the D.C. railroad tracks

Will the evildoers trying to thwart a debt ceiling deal be stopped? And just who are the evildoers? Are heartless Tea Partiers tying our decades old support net to the railroad tracks? But what of Democrats who refuse to cut spending, want to raise taxes, and are generally oblivious to the US being seriously in debt. Aren’t they tying poor Nell to the tracks too?

Neither side even considers the most obvious way to save money, which would be by ending the wars and bringing the troops home. However, that is “off-limits” and aptly shows how corrupt, compromised, and out of touch all of them are. They grandstand to their constituencies (and a fine fund-raising opportunity this is!), dither endlessly, and – just you wait – will arrive at a compromise in the nick of time. Why it’s almost like the whole thing was planned in advance…

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