1. I feel like it might be better to keep that “waste” on the farm and use it as nourishment for the plants, instead of applying copious amounts of fertilizer.

  2. Shame on the author for falling for this load of stuff dished on the public. The use of ethonal as an additive has increased the price of many basic commodities, re-configured crop planting in many poor or distressed areas. It has caused damage to internal combustion engines and been little more than another welfare program for the agri business.
    If you don’t believe me: look inside your cars engine, you need to replace the hoses and gaskets due to the ph of ethonal. You gas tank has moisture clinging to the iside top due to ethonal condiesation. Planting has shifted away from less profitable crops and necessary crops to corn. (price of tequila is an extreme example) Compare the price of farm land Nebraska and Iowa. Fewer established nesting areas are available in migration areas of geese, ducks, quail and pheasant. Notice the performace of ADM
    It is more expensive to produce one liter of ethonal than 4 gallons of gasoline or 3 gallons of diesel. We as tax payers pay the difference.

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