Both parties equally hated

The combined unfavorable score for both parties — 104 percent — is also a record, and represents the first time that the figure has been above 100.

The debt ceiling crisis is a perfect example of why both parties are loathed. Sure, there are real differences about what to do, but Congress and the White House have had months to deal with this in an adult way. But instead, they’ve waited to the last possible moment, with much pandering to their respective bases while ignoring the needs of the country.

The public is fed up with the personal behavior of members of Congress too. David Wu (OR-D) is the current poster child for that. He is resigning after reports of “aggressive and unwanted sexual behavior” against a teenage girl. Really folks, if our Congress isn’t whoring for money from corporate donors, then they’re seemingly trying to grope anything within reach. We no longer have leaders, or anyone of national stature to inspire us.

Both parties are sleazy and corrupt. And the public is increasing sickened by them. From such things, genuine social unrest and revolution is often born. Let’s hope so. Because the Garbage Pail Kids in D.C. need to go.

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