Norway shooter’s manifesto. Explosives manufacture, rants

2083+ +a+European+Declaration+of+Independence

Anders Behring Breivik’s 1518 page tome includes a section (3.162) about how to masquerade as a farmer so you can buy fertilizer in bulk that can be used for explosives.

You must learn enough about agriculture in order to pass any scrutiny checks the fertiliser clerk may present in the form of questions.

There’s also considerable information on making explosives.

He spent several years writing the book. It is the work of a humorless fanatic convinced he knows the Real Conspiracy and will lead The Sheeple in an uprising against the Marxist Islamist Multicultural rabble sneering just outside his door.

It doesn’t even have a table of contents for God’s sakes! 1518 pages and the reader apparently is expected to dive anyway because the contents are so inspiring. That’s what I mean about fanatic. He thinks he knows the Real Truth so everyone else is expected to listen. He’s so self-obsessed and deluded he thinks he can lead a revolution when in reality is too uncomprehending to even include a table of contents in a book.

But he did plan the bombings and killings for months. Were others involved?

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