Norway shooter mentions “investor contacts” Who are they?

From Breivik’s ponderous 1518 page manifesto, pg. 1470

Friday July 22 – Day 82: Initiate blasting sequenses at pre-determined sites. Test dirt for gram of gold per kg. Have enough material for at least 20 blasts. Start capitalization of project as soon as I have results. Time is running out, liquidity squeese inc. Call / email all my investor contacts with updated online prospectus / pdf.

And just who might these investors be? His manifesto is quite lucid, even if he’s mad as a hatter, so he wasn’t making this up. These multiple investors need to be tracked down, exposed, and imprisoned.

2 thoughts on “Norway shooter mentions “investor contacts” Who are they?

    1. Interesting. The camp was children of Labour Party members, probably the elite. He’d been planning the attack for months if not years, according to his manifesto.

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