UK Labour Leader Ed Miliband finds his mojo

From my friend John Wight at Sociality Unity.

As in a crime family being brought down, Murdoch has suddenly taken on the aura of an old mafia boss whose only aim in life after decades of seeming invincibility is to ensure he doesn’t end his days behind bars. As his lieutenants and confidantes fall one after the other, he appears more and more exposed, stripped of his power and the protection afforded him by politicians and high ranking police officers who at one time were beneficiaries of his political and financial largesse. Well, not anymore.

the Labour leader has at last found his mojo.In crossing the Rubicon as he did when he called for the resignation of then News International chief executive, Rebekah Brooks, at the start of this crisis, two weeks before she finally went, Miliband took a political gamble that has paid off handsomely. As a result he has emerged with significant moral authority and political capital, leaving Cameron and the Tories naked in the face of personal relationships with ranking members within the court of Murdoch that at a stroke have ensured the millions invested in rebranding the party since Cameron assumed the leadership in 2005 has been wasted.

Now is the time to drive a stake into the twisted little heart (or what resembles a heart if it actually has one) of the Murdoch empire. Let’s make sure News Corp is effectively destroyed, disabled, and then sold off in chunks. Yes, this can happen and now is the time to make it so. They no longer have friends and allies and those who used to support them are abandoning them in droves. This is the time for the kill.

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