Rupertgate goes nuclear, threatens News Corp

Blog For Arizona has a comprehensive roundup of the latest news about the phone hacking scandal in Britain that is and will continue to cause News Corp to implode.

The Rupertgate scandal is growing exponentially and has expanded to the U.S. Legal liability could threaten News Corp. It looks as if the “Watergate” media feeding frenzy has begun

Among the latest news:

  • Ex PM Brown may have been a target and he’s pissed.
  • Murdoch has delayed the BSkyB bid, this was to be their crown jewel..
  • NOTW reporters tried to access 9/11 phone data here in the States by offering a bribe to a police officer, says the Daily Mirror. That could be multiple felonies.
  • Hedge funds and bankers accuse Murdock of “rampant nepotism” and using News Corp like a “family candy jar.” The sharks are moving in for a kill.
  • Bribing British police is a violation of the the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and thus the company could face criminal prosecution here in the States. (News Corp is an American company.)

There’s lots more. Read the whole article.

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