News of the World phone hacking news

Hacking scandal: is this Britain’s Watergate?

[PM David Cameron] admitted that his desire to win support from the company’s newspapers had led him to turn “a blind eye” as evidence grew of widespread illegality at the News of the World.

British police investigate possible deletion of ‘massive quantities’ of email by News International executive

Rupert Murdoch is flying in to do damage control. I once asked someone high up at a News Corp. company if Murdoch was hands-on. He sighed and said “Rupert is very hands-on.” Thus it can be assumed that he has been deeply involved in News. Corp. response to the scandal since it started.

Not only does this threaten News Corp. purchase of BSkyB, a giant British TV and broadband provider, it could concievably derail plans for Murdoch to install his son James as head of their empire.

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