Jobs report disaster. Unemployment up

Business Insider

Gigantic miss!

Just 18,000 new jobs vs. expectations of 105,000.

They present the ‘scariest jobs chart ever

Look at it carefully. Yes, the great minds who determine such things have decreed that the country has been out of recession for quite some time now. I am so relieved to hear this and anticipate more delusional pronouncements beaming down from Arcturus, or wherever they are, because it sure isn’t Planet Earth.
Calculated Risk updates their jobs loss chart

Obam’s presser on the jobs report was dull and uninspired. He proposed streamlining patents, infrastructure jobs, trade deals, extending a $1000 tax cut for the middle class, and closing the deficits – all of which might get done at some unspecified time in the future. As for his robotic style, could he at least pretend to feel our pain by putting some actual emotion into his voice?

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