Murdoch owned newspaper hits degenerate new low

John Wight

“It is distress heaped upon tragedy to learn that the News of the World had no humanity at such a terrible time. The fact that they were prepared to act in such a heinous way that could have jeopardised the police investigation and give them false hope is despicable.”

This was part of the statement read out by the lawyer of the parents of murdered schoolgirl, Milly Dowler, in response to yesterday’s shocking revelations that the News of the World had used private detective Glenn Mulcaire to hack into their daughter’s voicemail while she was missing and deleted message once her mailbox became full. They are revelations which add renewed impetus to the current investigation into phone hacking by the Murdoch owned Sunday tabloid.

The unspeakably cruel act by Glenn Mulcaire of giving Milly Dowler’s parents false hope by deleting messages from her mailbox, desperate messages from both them and her friends frantic with worry as to her whereabouts, leading them to believe that their daughter may still be alive, leaves no doubt that the News of the World is a malignant cancer in the land. It is high time that the baneful influence which it and its parent company, News Corp, wields over society is brought to an end.

Someone needs to go to prison for this. NOTW has been involved in considerable phone hacking before and this latest incident is stomach-turning, done by apparent ethical cripples and moral degenerates.

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  1. Let’s not forget that the Metropolitan police had all this information and more for years and lied to parliament, and is allegedly to have had meetings with NOTW but the info was buried until now. This is a cancer that has tentacles in the oddest places. It is possible that the Met used the NOTW and the NOTW used the Met and there has been talk of money changing hands. It is nothing to do with a rogue reporter, it is common currency in an immoral culture that mainstream media has become. It is all about power and greed with the politicians playing blind to win the favour of the national newspapers. They call it democracy!!!

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