Greece and the US are kleptocracies

Charles Hugh Smith explains how both countries are being looted by their elites.


Strip away the bailouts and the bogus austerity plans, and the truth is revealed: Greece is a kleptocracy, and the banks and the ECB Eurocrats are both complicit.

The recent austerity measures in Greece, passed against the wishes of 80% of the populace, sends billions in loans to Greece where it will be skimmed and looted by their elites then sent back to the very same Eurozone banksters, paid for by everyone but them.

The U.S.

If we dare look at the plain facts of the matter, we have to conclude the U.S. is a kleptocracy not unlike Greece, only on a larger and slightly more sophisticated scale.

1. Neither party has any interest in limiting the banking/financial cartel.
2. Our stock markets are dominated by insiders.
3. The rule of law in the U.S. has been divided into two branches: one in name only for the financial Elites and corporate cartels, and one for the rest of us mere citizens.
4. Just as in Greece, taxes are optional for the nation’s financial Elites.

Obama has done nothing to end any of this nor has any other politician.

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