Liberals in denial over Obama economic policy

Is any of this getting through to you, son?

Talk Left

Is is too late to alter course? I fear it is. Listening to Tim Geithner has clearly been the President’s biggest mistake and it is what imperils his reelection.

Hello? Obama appointed Geithner as well as most of the other architects of the disaster after Wall Street backed him early and with big money. He has sent hundreds of billions their way, changed accounting rules for the TBTF banks so they can mark-to-fantasy rather than to market, and in general has ignored Main Street while enriching the bankster class. To say this happened because Obama tragically listened to Geithner is liberal hand-wringing delusion.

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  1. Twice we’ve elected a man from IL to be our president and it didn’t work out well either time. Lets not try this again. One term and out.

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