Kofi Annan blasts hedge funds for acquiring so much African land

It is very disturbing that a recent report found that agricultural land that adds up to the size of France was bought in Africa in 2009 alone by hedge funds and other speculators.”

I’m sure the speculators have the long-term interests of Africans uppermost in their twisted little cold hearts.


  1. Hedge funds, bond markets and banks, rulers of the world, time for revolution or face eternal slavery.

  2. That on the heals of a report yesterday or the day before that hedge funds, bond markets and banks are neck and neck in a race with the Army Corp of Engineers to buy up flooded land along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, the hedge funders to sell it to the corp and the corp to… well, I’m still wading through the bowels of conspiracy web-sites to figure out.

    A couple of years ago I asked the question: “When the banks own all the land, houses, etc, where will you live?” Some bright boy some time ago figured out that when a+b=c, c+d=obscene profit.

    I’m with John, time to revolution… but you knew that.

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