Buying influence only happens on the right, apparently

Else how to explain Soros spending $45 million “to reshape the judiciary” while liberals and progressives are mostly mute. Look, Soros is doing exactly what the Koch brothers are doing, spending money to further agendas.

George Soros nearly cratering the British pound on one of his currency trades. He has made billions while millions suffered as a result of his plunder. This is not a role model.

And I’ve always wondered what the Democrats find so scary about the Koch brothers while having no problem at all with George Soros. Is it the fact that the Kochs also support gay marriage (which Obama opposes), liberalizing immigration laws, legalizing drugs, repealing the Patriot Act that Obama’s autopen re-authorized, and ending Obama’s wars in the Middle East?

Yes, the Koch’s really do support those causes, even as they are rabidly anti-union.

Someone recently said the Koch brothers are a blip compared to the investment banks. So is Soros, for that matter. None of them have our interests at heart. That’s the key point. The interests of the financial elites are diametrically opposed to the interests of the rest of us.

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