Guns in Mexico: a challenge to Obama and the NRA

Here is a public challenge to both the National Rifle Association and the Obama administration. I challenge you to prove that either of you has any idea what you’re talking about when it comes to southbound weapons trafficking to Mexico.

Here’s the problem: No one – not the NRA, not the Obama administration, not the Mexican government – knows what proportion of cartel guns comes from the north and from the south. But each will tell you otherwise.

So, while the major players in the US argue about where the guns come from, the guns continue flowing to the cartels. How convenient for corrupt gun sellers.


  1. This is a nicely staged photo. In the foreground there are more than a dozen SKS rifles – a nice solid rifle designed by the Soviets and still made in many former Soviet countries and China. And in front of them are about 100 30-round magazines – except they appear to be AK-47 magazines. Though the two rifles use the same bullet, an AK-47 mag won’t fit an SKS without significant and obvious modification. (And most wood-stock SKSs jam when using the modified mags, they operate better with the original 10-round internal magazine.) Admittedly the rear of the photo is hard to see, but where are the AK-47s? And more to the point, why arrange AK-47 mags in front of a rifle they don’t fit? It’s a staged publicity shot, pure and simple.

    BTW, the SKS is considered so antiquated that in the U.S., you can buy one with a Curios & Relics (C&R) collector’s license. It’s a nice rifle, but was never manufactured as an automatic weapon – not exactly state-of-the-art firepower.

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