The Shift: From print, to digital and beyond

Baekdal starts his next book.

The concept of the book is to invite you on the journey to the new world of publishing – or specifically the future world of publishing. A world in which publishers can’t use the internet to give away their products for free. A world in which value outranks everything else. And a world in which content flows like water.

It is going to be about trends, platforms, devices, mobile, global, sharing, communicating, articles that aren’t articles, and most importantly the shift “beyond” part.

Baedal Plus subscribers get all his ebooks for free as well as access to special content. $4.99 a month and worth it. I subscribe. His current ebook is Social Commerce (156 pages), $9..99 on Amazon. The net and especially social media are upsetting the whole concept of what a store is. Among his insights, increasingly shoppers will find your ecommerce via social media. This means they already know what they want and won’t land on the home page. Thus, sites need to be designed for this.

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