Talkin’ World Awakenin. Song for Greece, freedom and all people sacked by banka-gangstas

Talkin’ World Awakening – New-Topical-Song for Greece, Freedom and all people sacked by banka-gangstas from Michel Montecrossa on Vimeo.


“The world wakes up with the urban poor,
the uprooted, forsaken armies of the doomed.
The people know the people and demand peaceful change.
The bankas are killin’ entire nations and cut off workin’ hands,
are killin’ Greece and Europe, cut off common sense.

Politicians are feeding the bankas with the people’s tax money
so that politics may stay in the business of power
and corruption and wars and big trade of weapons
and drugs and slaves and human organs.

Build bridges with the people when everything fails.
Upheavals, risk of jobs and risk of lives enhance
the shift of awareness towards new consciousness change.
The power is there of the people uniting.
The power is there of the people uniting.”

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