The Perpetual Warfare State

American Leftist nails it. The reasons the US has so many wars is because it can not survive without them. Or so it thinks.

The leadership of the United States is bent upon proving that the truth of the old anarchist maxims about the relationship of the state to violence, as concisely articulated by Randolph Borne: War is essentially the health of the state.

Yet our endless wars with no apparent or definable goals are weakening us. The populace no longer supports the wars but the politicians, funded by corporations making money from war and cheer-leaded by a complaint MSM, continue the wars regardless.

Public pressure finally did help bring an end to the Vietnam War. But of course, we lost that war and had to evacuate in a hurry which is something you’ll not hear much about from the MSM either. They’re too busy propagandizing for current and new wars to spend much time into delving into how we lost the Vietnam War. And while history may not repeat itself, it does rhyme.

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