Polizeros podcast. Rick Perry gains by Gingrich implosion

"I was for health care before I was against it, opposed federal bailout money until I didn't, and strongly support all of my previous positions. Thank you"

Steve Hynd, who lives in Texas, makes a convincing case that Rick Perry could become the Republican candidate for president in 2012 after Newt Gingrich’s campaign crated yesterday. Perry could be a compromise candidate, given the weak field and hard-right Tea Partiers who will split that vote among themselves. He is glib, telegenic, able to speak out several sides of his mouth at once, and politically experienced. Dodgy land deals and his previous statements calling for Texas to secede from the Union could hurt him should he get the nomination though.

Hynd, Josh Mull, and myself discuss Perry and the rest of the Republican field as well as the endless wars of the United States. Only the top brass and the D.C. talking heads say the wars are winnable. Soliders on the ground say otherwise.

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