1. Another world to conquer and exploit. Have we learned nothing? It’s not that I think there is civilization or ecology on the moon that might be damaged – it’s that the entire mindset is flawed.

    • To those of us who root about the bowels of “conspiracy theories”, biblical and pre-biblical history, and archeology the “moon” may in fact be where we come from.

      When we look at the record with an open mind, when we lay the fabrications bible, koran and torah along side the fabrications lain down in stone we find find that Intelligent Design isn’t all that far-fetched… that with heroes asking of their wives “be this my son or that of those who went before”, chariots with wheels of fire and vast arks propelling the seeds of life across vast empty spaces it is not unrealistic to supposit that at some point in the past half-million years extra-terrestrial travelers – for whatever reason: pure science, desperate survival, or profit – interfered in the genetic development of the proto-humans they found roaming the savannahs of Africa and Asia.

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