Polizeros podcast tonight


Who are the global warming deniers? Greece financial crisis. Irish are 10 billion euros in the red due to fall in tax revenue, now want to be sharia-compliant financial center of Europe (you read that right.) Syria barbarity. Western-backed barbarity in Libya, Ivory Coast. Murder of Syed Shahzad, Asia Times journo, in Pakistan.

To listen to the show live, go to Polizeros Radio on BlogTalkRadio. You can also listening by dialing in at 626-414-3492. The show is tonight at 8:30 PM PT (9:30 PM MT, 10:30 PM CT, 11:30 PM ET.) You can download it or listen to the archive on BlogTalkRadio after it’s done.

With Steve Hynd of Newshoggers, Josh Mull (@joshmull) and myself.

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