Yemen is bombing its own cities. Syria tortured a 13 yo boy to death

Yet the US only intervened in Libya. Why?

Some speculations as to real reasons for the invasion of Libya (where western troops are now on the ground.) Libya wanted to go off the dollar for oil sales. Desertec wants the land for their massive solar project in Africa for power to EU and Qadaffi was balking? Desertec is backed by huge corporations as well as governments. It’s a brilliant idea and I hope it happens. But maybe Qadaffi was blocking it or extorting them?


    • Sometimes your comments are reasoned, perceptive, and intelligent. But you’ve jumped the tracks here. Many of those very same Semites are those who are heroically fighting for freedom against incredibly brutal repression.

      Bu yes, the US keeps funding and supporting the thugs that run those countries. The problem is that corrupt nexus of power, not that they are are Semitic.

      • Perhaps. But there are times when you are reasoned, perceptive, and intelligent. And times when you jump the shark. The point to be made is they are all the same people, regardless their “religion”. And the American taxpayer – YOU – morally and financially sanction this behavior. You are as guilty of the murder of Palestinian children as everyone else. As guilty of the torture of that thirteen year old child as anyone else. You support, you justify, this behavior.

        You want cut me off? Go ahead on ‘er. You’re nothing. Nobody. Just another capitalist sucking up the advertisement dollars.

    • My ex-wife is a Semite – sounds like you’re accusing me of bestiality! Funny though: while some of my ancestors were making peace, others were saying the same thing about the aboriginal people of this continent: less than human. They sold them (along with the less-than-human Africans and Irish) into slavery to be auctioned off in the Caribbean. They were of course wrong. News flash: no member of the species homo sapiens is less than human.

  1. Whoa. Bob didn’t say anything about cutting you off. I don’t see where he’s justifying torture. He values your opinion, there is no need to be angry with Bob or make mean spirited comments. Sue

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