Obama is 2008 Republican, says James Carville

Carville unloads on Obama

It’s pretty remarkable that the next election is going to boil down to a competition between the 2008 Republican presidential candidate and his vice presidential nominee.

Obama being the 2012 Democrat equivalent of McCain and the Republican challenger being someone like Palin.

It’s not that Obama is a socialist born somewhere other than Hawaii, or that he possesses a Kenyan anti-colonial mentality — but that some Republican needs to stand up and say, with some legitimacy, that Obama is taking all of the GOP’s ideas.

However, almost no Congressional Democrats are challenging Obama on his agenda. This speaks volumes about their cowardice and complicity.

Obama has also given Wall Street just about whatever it wants and continues to erode civil liberties and constitutional rights. Yet many liberal and progressive organizations will say we have no choice but to hold our nose and vote for Obama, as they line up for PAC money, insider press privileges, and appeal to their donors for more contributions. Meanwhile protesters in the Middle East are risking their lives to fighting for freedom from oppression. One one level, maybe we have no choice but to vote for Obama. (Just don’t expect any change if you do.) But on another level, if we want real change in this country, we need to go far beyond this tired game of blaming the other party.

Sky Dancing in a Man’s World adds

It’s almost as if Obama had been specifically chosen to destroy the Democratic Party and push the Republicans even further right.

It’s not about parties. It’s about corporate control, especially the stranglehold that financial interests have on D.C. They don’t care about ideology, only their continuing control. That’s why voting for the Lesser of Two Evils is a sucker’s game (or, as Nader so wonderfully put it, The Evils of two Lessers.)

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