How “Independent” media undermines mass movements for meaningful change


Whether they are aware of it or not, so-called “independent” liberal/progressive online news sites are pivotal divide and conquer pawns. The more established and well-funded progressive outlets are crucial players in suppressing mass movements for meaningful change.

That’s because, on the liberal side, sites like Kos, Crooks and Liars, Media Matters, et al tend to be divisively partisan and thus wedded to the two-party system even as they sometimes do excellent investigative reporting.

Their editorial framing is most often “Republicans bad, Democrats good.” They are critical of the Democratic Party to a point, no question about that, but a large part of their reporting and rhetoric serves to support the two-party system in service of the Democratic Party by consistently focusing blame on the Republican Party.

It’s too often about funding, donor bases, and insider access, all of which could vanish should they attack the Democratic Party too hard, much less attack the real powers. Paul Craig Roberts says “The Koch brothers are probably just a very small part of it, and I think probably not important. I mean Wall Street. Or Goldman Sachs.” I agree.

Continually attacking the Koch Brothers, noxious at they are, solves little and deflects genuine protest from the real targets – the banksters. Besides, last time I checked, the liberal side had a few billionaires contributing to it (Soros, Ted Turner.)

Also, as Peter Camejo says in The Avocado Declaration, a primary function of the Democratic Party is to funnel genuine dissent into itself where it is rendered harmless. The Republicans do the same thing, as the Tea Party has been discovering. Neither party can be trusted, neither wants genuine reform or change. Both are completely beholden to corporate interests. Sorry Koslings, but the Democratic Party can not be reformed from within.

In summation, so-called “independent” media organizations that engage in partisanship are not interested in real change. They are the insidious servants of the status quo. They are divide and conquer pawns. They are a significant reason why, even at this late stage in our crisis, there is still no effective mass movement for desperately needed structural change. They are pivotal players in the downfall of America. This is a bold and blatant truth – a truth that we must urgently come to grasp and overcome if we are going to keep our society from continuing on its downward spiral.