GE sees solar cheaper than fossil power in 3-5 years

GE thinks continuing development in solar technology will make its price competitive with fossil fuel in three to five years, and which point lots of people will want solar on their roof. For this to work at grid-scale and nationwide though, we will need a smart grid, something which will take years.

A complete smart grid would consist of millions of next- generation meters installed in businesses and homes, appliances that adjust their energy use when prices change, and advanced software to help utilities control electricity flows, he said.

Sue, GE is talking their book here some, as they produce thin-film panels as well as smart grid devices. But really, especially in sunny parts of the country, solar panels should be everywhere, and maybe someday soon, they will be.

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  1. GE takes corporate welfare from the federal government and for them to say it is going to to be cost competitive with fossil fuel is laughable. We are already paying for GE’s R&D is that cost factored in to their competitive annalysis?

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