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I just sold two iPhones to Gazelle. They make it easy. You enter information about the items online, they say what they’ll give you for them, and provide free shipping. When they receive the items, they evaluate them to insure the description is right, then PayPals you the money.

I sold Gazelle an iPhone 3G 8 MB for $94 and an iPhone 3GS 32 GB for $192. The 3GS was an upgrade and cost me $200, so this was a very good price. They were fast, courteous, and honest. I’ll be rummaging through my old gear boxes to see what else I can send them. (Amazon has a similar service for cell phones now but requires original packaging and manuals. Gazelle doesn’t.)

We currently accept products in more than 20 categories: Blu-Ray Players, Calculators, Camcorders, Camera Lenses, Cell Phones, Desktops, Digital Cameras, E-Readers, External Hard Drives, Gaming Consoles, GPS Devices, Home Audio, Laptops, LCD Monitors, Movies, MP3 Players, PDAs, Projectors, Satellite Radios, Streaming Media, and Video Games.

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