Liftoff for subsidence work on our duplex

The contractor dug fifteen such holes then drilled down 43 feet, installing piers. Hydraulic jacks are attached to the piers and the house is lifted up. That little bitty red box is the compressor and it can lift an apartment building. This was the first step, raising one side of the house about an inch. More lifting comes next week.

Two piers, with hydraulic jacks installed. The red box is the compressor
Hi, I can lift an apartment building
This specialty 2" bolt fastens the pier to the foundation and can handle 60 tons of load.


    • Combined with water main breaks in the street and, as we discovered, the sewage pipe from one unit was broken and thus seeping everywhere. Sigh.

  1. This is an example of why it’s never a good sign when you become unusually well informed about a field outside your usual range of interests. Too many times there a sad, sad story behind it.
    At least you have a front row seat…

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