Corrupt cops: Were they drug cartel members all along?

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery on the arrest of three police officers for money laundering, human smuggling, and drug smuggling.

“This is an example of the tactics of the Mexican drug cartels,” Montgomery said. “Again, they are co-opting local law enforcement. The statements by the current administration that our borders are secure are ludicrous.”

While I agree that the Obama Administration’s response to the growing border problem is ludicrous, as witness DHS head Janet Napolitano’s recent evasive statement that US border towns are safe. While this may be true it conveniently overlooks the horrendous violence in Mexico border towns (like the decapitated, tortured bodies routinely found on the streets) and the ever-spreading corruption. The violence may not have jumped the border yet but the corruption absolutely has.

But I question whether apparently dirty cops like these were co-opted. It’s much more likely they were cartel members all along. One of them, Sylvia Najera, is 25 and pregnant with a local drug lord’s child. Their drug ring was allegedly moving $56,000 worth of heroin a week as well as smuggling humans and relaying information about what police were doing back to the cartel. So, was she Miss Law and Order when she joined the police force then tragically (and very quickly) got co-opted into dealing heroin on a large-scale? I don’t think so. It’s far more likely she and the other two officers were infiltrators from the start

“We have enough violence without having moles on my own organization that put my deputies in danger,” Sheriff Joe Arpaio said.

But the moles were there. And there are probably more of them. So, sorry Janet Napolitano, the corruption has already jumped the border. The problems are already here. Our cities and towns are thus less safe.

Two of the arrested officers worked in corrections. I wonder, were they bringing in heroin for inmates?

Just another fun day in Mexico feeding the drug habits of Americans. 28 dead in a shoot-out between cartels.


  1. The police are the most dangerous street gang in the United States. They murder, assault, rape and steal with impunity, as incidents across the country demonstrate on a weekly basis. Not to mention their routine violations of constitutional and human rights. The apologists of the police state like to argue that the police are not a grave danger to the public and to peace and safety, and that there are just a few bad apples who break the rules. Ironically, however, these folks refuse to think their cliched thought to its logical conclusion, since a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

    • I used to think that when I lived in the city. In a small town, the cops are our neighbors. That mutual distrust doesn’t exist here. When I volunteer at the jail here, they don’t even frisk me or put me through a metal detector. In California that would never happen. When they pull me over or come out to talk to me for any reason, they don’t even unsnap their holsters. Can you imagine LAPD doing that? They’d have guns drawn!

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