Eurozone protests grow. Banksters on the run

Michel Montecrossas. In The Street.

Politics is cheap, you can’t trust a top thief.

Fight your way through, be tuffer than all lies. / You know you’re in the jungle – it’s no surprise. / If you kill enough you belong to the right. / You are the good if you give up your life.

No, I’m in the street, / I won’t lose my right to battle and to win, / to come out of the night, / to be with my loved ones and know the right side.

In the street it is rumblin’, it is underground. / The pavement is a-shakin’ and suddenly it comes: / the obvious difference between right and wrong, / the revolution of love and the moment to be strong.

People in Europe are realizing en masse that their corrupt banking system is trying to force them to pay for its greed and stupidity. And they’re mad as Hell and won’t take it any more. We need to do this here too.

‘Suddenly, the world is realizing that there’s a possible revolution in Spain.’ The ruling Socialist Party there just got hammered in elections for playing too cozy with banks who insist that Spaniards pay back the bonds at full value. Screw the banks, do what Iceland did, Spanish youth is saying. Default on the loans, let the insolvent and corrupt banks fail, then arrest their CEOs. Works for me.

‘Economists from the Left and the Right Agree: Neither the U.S. Nor Europe is dealing with the real problem.’ Of course they’re not. Their primary concern is that the bondholders don’t take a haircut on bonds they knew were risky to buy. But you and I don’t get to do that, so why should the TBTF banks?

Moody’s is about to issue credit warnings on 14 of UKs biggest banks. These banks are insolvent and have been propped up by forcing the public to bail them out – as their executives pay themselves bloated salaries. This is corruption. They are capitalists, right? Then they know that in capitalism sick businesses need to fail so healthy ones can replace them. But of course, they aren’t really capitalists at all, more like gangsters.

The ECB is an ‘enormous bad bank‘ that’s exposed to everything that could go wrong in Europe.” They hold huge amounts of garbage as collateral for their dicey loans and bonds but want everyone else to pay for their omissions, greed, and shortsightedness.

Bankster spew. Lies and inadvertent humor.

Greece is on the brink of official insolvency”¦ yet in an exceedingly bizarre interview with German news magazine Der Spiegel published today, Jean-Claude Junker insists that (a) Greece is not broke, (b) if Greece doesn’t make its debt payments, this is not the same as ‘default,’ and (c) it’s OK for politicians to lie because people don’t understand capital markets.

Make no mistake. They are getting desperate.

This increasing rigidity of the global economic order is frightening, and dangerous. It is the consequence of the new normal, Spanish and Wisconsin-colored flames licking up at the system be damned. One day, these protests won’t be leaderless, rudderless, and directionless.

Analyzing celebrity doping while Rome burns. Our mass media, as usual, is mostly useless.

The Father of Reaganomics, Paul Craig Roberts, says in an interview with Max Keiser

“Overthrow the government ”¦. and put these people in jail.”
“Would default be catastrophic?” – Max. PCR: “Catastrophic for who? The American bankers?”

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