California budget action now almost one year late

California legislators prepare for another frantic day of working on the budget

The California Constitution mandates that a budget be passed by June 15 of each year. The legislature finally did pass the budget on March 17, 2011, a mere nine months late, but still has not acted on how to fund it. Specifically, will redevelopment agencies be axed and tax hikes be extended?

It is now almost one year past the deadline and due to the endlessly squabbling, the California Legislature has failed to act on funding. Heck, they probably won’t even pass funding for last year’s budget before this year’s budget vote is due! And they’ll probably ignore that deadline too. In fact, they’ve only passed a budget on time five times since 1980.

Thus, California lawmakers would appear to be in violation of the Constitution. Since they continually ignore the Constitution, the only conclusion that can be reached is that they are contemptuous of it or think it doesn’t apply to them. Since there are no penalties for not passing a budget, they are free to ignore it. Gosh, what an inspiring message for the youth of California. Maybe one day you too can grow up and ignore the Constitution.

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  1. Here is the real issue. The democrats want to take everything we have. In the last 20 years the state has taken in hundreds of billions and spent themselves into bankruptcy. The news that CA will take in 6 billion more is the worst thing that could have happened. Brown says there are 65 boards that could be cut well why were the established in the first place and why does’t he cut them. Pensions should be capped at 50 percent of an employees wages averaged over the last 5 years of work and schools should be restructrued from top to bottom with the goal of eliminating 20 percent of the overhead. With Brown in charge there will be no change and CA will be unlivable in 3 years or less

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