1. Careful! Most of us live in the splendor of wealth, burning 10 times the world’s median energy consumption and making 12 times the world’s median income, with the decadence of personal automobiles and telephones, multi-room homes and foreign fruit to eat, airplane travel and internet access. Most of the world’s inhabitants will have none of these during their lifetime, yet we take them for granted. And we do so living “by the diseased and bloated system” which siphons wealth from the rest of the world so we can be protected from reality. We may not be ultra-wealthy like DSK, but we are the world’s super-wealthy. They do the pillaging, we enjoy the spoils. What do you suppose *we* deserve?

    • So then we should do nothing because we get more plutocrat leftovers than others?

      What do we deserve? Change. And since we are the better-off, we are in a better position to make it happen.

      Revolutions (contrary to Marxist delusion) are almost always headed by people from the upper middle class and above, probably because they have the time and money to do so and don’t spend the bulk of their time trying to survive.

      • Well now, I’ve long been an advocate for doing something – anything. Right here.

        My comment was to riff off DJ’s, though not necessarily “we” but that “we” brought this on ourselves. “There’s a monster on the loose, got our heads inside a noose.” We dropped the ball. My (our) generation dropped the ball. We stopped The War, Our War, VietNam, but we didn’t stop War. We held Nixon accountable. Whoopie, Nixon resigned, now let’s all cut our hair, finish our law degrees and buy BMWs and half-million dollar houses on The High Desert. We dropped the ball. And I don’t think we can pick it back up.

        I commented several days ago my conviction that the “country” is devolving. It may not be a “revolution”, but preparing for what’s on the otherside of that devolution is “doing something”. When history is writ large, the Y2K nuts had it right, they just didn’t quite get their fingers wrapped around it. The nespotic appointment of an incompetent frat boy with a questionable history and virtually no government experience by an ideologically stacked activist court to the highest office in the land effectively marked The End Of America.

        With three part-time jobs all I have the money and time for is survival.

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