HR676: We Want Health Justice

Health care and health justice rap by Lonnie Ray Atkinson who says “This song is under the Creative Commons License: Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0. You are free to download this song and share it with as many people as you like (please respect and include attributions). I don’t want any payment for its use. I just want to contribute toward achieving health justice.”

HR676: We Want Health Justice. Lonnie Atkinson (click to listen)

It’s important that the people understand what it is we’re fighting for
we don’t want health care, we want health justice

First verse:

is it fiscally conservative to pay more for less
is it morally conservative to accept the deaths
that our system ensures when the insurance stops
is it worse to be a scandal or a laughing stock
ain’t ner’ one developed country wants what we got
they made the choice long ago to cover they whole lot
left examples for us so we could follow they lead
but that’s like godless talk for those who worship greed
heresy to imagine people before profits
narration: good thing we’ve already baptized most the congress
yeah they sold out in ’09 for the fake fix
secret handshakes with ever corporate hand in the mix
as long as there’s a dollar to be made you can bet
on a bill with more holes than some cheap fishnets
i said here a hole there a hole everywhere a loophole
here a hole there a hole just add to the bankroll
of politicians who let their constituents die
holding a loved one’s hand saying their last goodbye
i’m talking thousands upon thousands every year
tell me is the profit model gonna dry their tears
the richest country in the world, lord, what have we done
still all you hear them hollering is we’re number one
– but we’re not, y’all, we’re not
but yo, it ain’t too late for us to blow up the spot

so if you want health justice let me hear ya shout
everybody in and nobody out
if you want health justice let me hear ya shout
everybody in and nobody out
One Plan / One Nation / One Nation / One Plan
HR 676, y’all HR 676

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